How to Look and Feel Beautiful with Longer Lash, Hair, Brighter Clearer Skin Detoxification Wellness

Get empowered to be your best. MD Factor is committed to excellence and providing innovative and science-based personal care products for the hair, skin, lash, and wellness.

Stress Reduction with Adrenal Pro

MD Adrenal Pro utilizes ancient Ayurvedic herbs and Chinese Cordyceps to help maintain natural homeostasis in our body. The result is quick. Most will feel different the next day when dealing with stress.

Intimate Restore- Bring Sexy Back

Bring back your intimate sensation and sensitivity with the MD Intimate Restore is a light, fragrance-free anti-aging moisturizer. This serum is designed to not only make the skin healthier-looking but also help restore sensitivity so you can enjoy intimacy again.

MD Beauty Drink

MD Ultimate Beauty Collagen Powder is formulated for you to achieve youthful, softer, more hydrated skin. Create beauty from within and minimize wrinkles while improving your joint mobility.

MD Wimper Faktor

Use clinically tested and award-winning MD Lash Factor with our patented formula that is safe for sensitive eyes and contact lenses. Apply daily so you will get longer, fuller, and denser lashes. Finally, a serum that works with your natural lash growth cycle so you can have beautiful younger-looking lashes that is yours. Sold in over 24 countries for 14 years, let MD Lash Factor help you achieve lashes you have always dreamed of.

MD Nutri Hair

MD Nutri Hair is a natural drug-free physician formulated supplement that is designed to work fast so you see less shedding in a few weeks. With a single daily small easy to swallow a capsule, this powerful DHT blocker will block hormonal and genetic causes of hair loss so you visibly see less shedding in the shower or on your brush. Packed with anti-oxidants to work naturally with your hair's growth cycle for optimum hair restoration.

MD Flawless Factor

MD Flawless Factor BB Cream is a natural skin brightening serum that is an all-in-one beauty must-have.

Anti-aging cream infused with antioxidants, marine extracts, arbutin, bee propolis, and caviar extract to help brighten your skin tone while giving you flawless oil-free coverage.

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Let's face it, you want to look and feel your best. MD is a collection of antiaging beauty and wellness products formulated to address your skin hair loss, lash, and wellness problems. Physician-formulated products so you know it will work quickly to address your issues.

How To Look And Feel More Beautiful Using MD Products

MD is committed to excellence and providing innovative and science-based personal care products for the Hair, skin, lash and wellness. Founded in 2006, MD is sold in over 24 countries.