Winter is hier, maar my Hare is daar!

Die wintermaande is hier en dit beteken winterhare is ook. Dit is belangrik om te weet hoe jy haarverlies tydens droë, koue wintermaande kan beskerm en stop. Hier is 'n paar wenke om jou hare te help beskerm en gesond te hou hierdie winterseisoen, en NIE oortollige hare verloor nie.

The most important thing you need to do is find different ways to feed your hair the nutrients it needs to grow in a healthy environment. So step one is feeding the scalp: Beautiful hair starts with ahealthy scalp. MD® Scalp Essentials gets to the root to help you overcome scalp and hair issues. It is a lightweight serum that will clean and refresh the scalp environment, so new healthy hair can grow in a clean pore. MD® hare kopvel behandeling serum will also address itchiness, oiliness, flakes, and hair shedding.

Step two is to nourish your hair from within, and there are many ways to do this (if you missed our blog on “Eat Your Hair Healthy” you might want to take a read). So changing your diet is one way, but Dr. Susan Lin, a practicing physician in women’s health, anti-aging and aesthetic medicine for over 21 years, also highly recommends taking a supplement. Dr. Lin states, “A daily, natural supplement is essential to healthy hair. Biotin pills are great, but my patients complained that it wasn’t enough. So I worked with many scientists around the globe to develop the now famed MD Nutri Hair Supplements. MD Nutri Hair is a synergy of botanical extracts, like lilac extract combined with Lignans, Niacin and Biotin that will jump start your hair to healthy. Take one a day and you will see results in 30 days.” MD Nuti Hair is doctor recommended, stylist approved, and used by many celebrities! So don’t you think you should try it? Finally an all-natural solution, so you have nothing to loose…but your hair if you don’t!

Step three is making sure you are using the right products, use a Shampoo en Conditioner that thoroughly cleanses your scalp and hair, clearing the scalp of excess oils, sprays, gels, and toxins. Don’t wash your hair too often, or you will loose the natural oils your scalp needs. And another tip is to gently towel dry to minimize breakage. Try to use a blow dryer, straightener, or curling iron elke ander day to protect thinning hair. Keep heat tools as far below 400°F as you can, because when the hair shaft is heated above that temperature it breaks down the keratin in hair, weakening it even more. Another cause of hare dunner during the winter is droogheid. The dry air during winter and the heaters inside are not helping, also you want to take a hot shower, but did you know that lengthy, hot showers can dry out skin and hair even more? So opt for a shorter, cooler shower if you can.

Keep your hair on your head and NOT in your brush!

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